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In order to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors to our school, we are asking for your cooperation with respect to parking. If you are dropping children off at the front of the school in the drop-off zone, please be mindful of children in this area. Please stop a respectful distance away from the AMA School Patrols. It is difficult for them to have a sightline of the traffic when there are cars stopped next to them.
Our school is very busy especially before school starts and after school ends. The bus zone has been extended 100 feet to the west to accommodate the increase in buses arriving and leaving the school. Please watch for the “sandwich boards” in front of the school. If the buses haven’t arrived, you may quickly drop-off your children. You can no longer park in front of the school. If the buses are arriving, you will have to park further west of the school or on the other side of the street. Do not drop-off children in the middle of the road!
Staff members pay for parking stalls and have assigned stalls. Please do not park in any of the stalls nor use this area for dropping off students. Please choose safety over convenience. As well, please use the crosswalks to assist your children with crossing safely.