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School Profile

At Sakaw School, we provide the opportunity for all students to achieve excellence in learning, develop a strong positive sense of self-worth and cultivate good work habits, attitudes, and social skills. We will promote success by providing a safe and caring environment that is positive, stimulating and cohesive for students, parents, community members and staff. We believe we can assist children in becoming responsible and cooperative citizens who are prepared to lead productive lives together with people of all races, religions and nationalities. We will provide all students the opportunity to achieve to their level of ability through excellent instruction, quality resources and collaborative community efforts.

Sakaw School provides regular programming for kindergarten to grade six, as well as the Interactions and Opportunity Program.

We are proud to be an APPLE School. APPLE Schools can help students learn, establish, and maintain patterns of nutrition and physical activity that help keep their bodies healthy. Well-planned and effectively implemented school wellness programs can help students to achieve greater mental and physical health. At Sakaw School, we are committed to promoting a healthy school environment by supporting and emphasizing student mental wellness, good nutrition, and regular physical activity.